Pioneer Inspection Services Ltd. is a services provider of QA/QC, NDT, and Visual Inspections.
We are founded by highly qualified technicians who understand the industrial pulse and therefore have a tight grasp on client needs.


We are CWB and ACSA approved for quality and safety!


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    QA/QC services for new construction, maintenance (repair, overhaul, & shutdown, etc) of the oil/gas, oilsand, petrochemical, chemical, and other processing industries.


    CWB/AWS Certified Welding Inspection for new construction and maintenance of welded structures, pressure piping systems, and pressure vessel/systems.


    API 510/570 In-service Inspection, including corrosion survey and data management.

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    NDT Inspection of UT, MT, PT; PMI (Positive Material Identification); HT (Hardness Testing); and Ferrite Number Testing.


Sample Work

The following images present some typical defects identified by our team. Click Here For More Examples

Available Positions

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    NDT Technicians with CGSB certificates in both UT level II and MT level II.


    Experienced technicians with CGSB certificates of UT level II or MT level II.


    CWB certified level II welding inspectors with ASME B31.3 and CSA W 59 endorsements; experienced level I individuals will also be considered.

About Us


We have a profound conviction that the success of Pioneer Inspection Services Ltd. can only come after that of its people, its community, its society, and the environment. We also believe that these successes must result from safe workplaces and decent salaries, as well as the integrity and quality of Pioneer's services and the satisfaction of its clients.


In consideration of our values, we sincerely announce that Pioneer was, is, and will always be commited to serve its clients with the highest level of quality in a most cost-efficient manner, provide a safe workplace and share the largest portion of profits with its employees, and protect the environment to the greatest degree in the process.


To make this commitment a reality, Pioneer will be continuously striving to exceed the various requirements on quality, safety, and environmental protection through the development, compliance with, and improvement of programs, procedures, and processes.

Contact Us

Let us know if you have available projects, or if you'd like to apply for a position.

Tel: 1-780-215-1886

500 8600 Franklin Ave, Plaza II.
PO Box 22089,
Fort McMurray, AB.